I want to go home!

Update: On 11th August, the Indian Embassy announced two additional flights to India in August. Please check the announcements section on the Indian Embassy website and fill in the form. Many thanks to the Embassy!

I am Kabani, an Indian student on a one-year MEXT scholarship at Osaka University, Japan. My term will be over at the end of August 2020, and my visa will expire in September. There are five other Indian students on my campus in the same situation.

Commercial flights between Japan and India remain suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the Government of India has not announced any Vande Bharat Mission repatriation flights from Japan in August/September.

The Indian Embassy in Tokyo says they have no information about future flights. They can only suggest that we wait for some official announcement from the Government of India, and apply for a visa extension in the meantime.

Waiting passively is not an option—there is not a single flight from Japan announced in Phase 5 of the Vande Bharat Mission. We need to act now!

Are you also an Indian student in Japan who wants to return home in September?

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Fill out this Google form with your details so that we can act collectively (Form now closed)
  2. Please do apply immediately for a visa extension at the nearest Immigration Bureau if your visa will expire in August or September 2020
  3. Ask the Indian Embassy in Tokyo for a return flight: Facebook, Twitter: @IndianEmbTokyo, Email: fscons.tokyo@mea.gov.in
  4. Ask your parents/guardians in India to write to the Indian Embassy in Tokyo and also the MEA: Facebook, Twitter: @MEAIndia
  5. Share this webpage with any other Indian students you know in Japan

We must convince the Embassy that there are many of us who want to go home in September. The information I gather through the form will be used only to coordinate a collective effort to persuade the Embassy to use its authority to arrange flights from Japan. My parents will create a group of parents/guardians so that they can collectively make the MEA aware of our situation.

If you have any suggestions, or would like to help in this effort, please write to me at japan@silverbill.in